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Bond watch

I could sum up the Nassau by describing it as something that really looks and feels like a vintage sub but with a sapphire crystal and solid end links. I can’t think of another homage that is closer to the original. It is a tad larger than the 6538/5510’s, and the proportions aren’t exactly the same, but it is darn close.

The Nassau also gives you a sense of what the modern Rolex sub could be if only it kept some of the aesthetic traits that defined the original: a generously domed crystal that matches the slope of the bezel
(a la the 5513 service crystal), a mat dial, and only a single line on the lower dial providing the depth rating. In sum, freakin awesome.
Instead Rolex had to ruin one of the most iconic dive watches with a flat crystal, four lines of writing, and entirely too much gloss and glitter.


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